Our Philosophy

Organic Italian Kitchen

It all started in 2004, with a small delicatessen and a simple philosophy: freshly prepared dishes made with the best seasonal ingredients from dedicated producers, all served in a relaxed and familial atmosphere.

More than 10 years on, though PAPPA E CICCIA has grown, we’ve stayed true to this philosophy, serving a modern Italian cuisine, inspired by the country’s different regions – the simple, rural cuisines loved for their inventiveness, the quality of their ingredients, and their pure unadulterated flavours.

Why organic? Why regional?

We believe that good cooking starts with good ingredients. That’s why, when it comes to sourcing our ingredients, we work closely with organic producers, most of whom are from the countryside around Berlin. By using regional and organic products, not only can we guarantee fresher ingredients by cutting back on transportation but we’re also playing an important part in strengthening our region’s natural and agricultural landscape. Our buffalo mozzarella is made in Brandenburg, our meat is provided by Biomanufaktur Havelland, our dairy products come from the Lobetal, with a selection of specialty cheeses and food products brought to us from southern Germany and Italy.